Safety and Contingency Measures

The safe management of industrial activities is a priority at Bécancour. The City manages safety measures within the industrial park and port and ensures the provision of emergency services of superior quality and efficiency.

To ensure the safety of companies and population, the City manages:

  • The coordination of emergency measures by a mixed municipal/industrial committee including citizens and government organizations
  • A state-of-the-art fire station situated at the entrance of the industrial park
  • A firefighter team trained to act in situations specific to the industries
  • A water rescue service ready to act at any time and in any conditions
  • An emergency radio service with a dedicated frequency for the SPIPB

In addition, each plant and each projects in development ensures:

  • To provide their emergency measures plan and their list of hazardous materials
  • To participate to the elaboration of emergency measures by being active in the mixed municipal/industrial committee
  • To implement an internal emergency measures management team as well as a fire brigade when required
  • To maintain a safety management system including external verification and a citizen committee when applicable

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