Forms and Rates

Any ships must have an authorization from the SPIPB before docking or anchoring in the Bécancour’ s port. Requests have to be made by filling the form « Demande de poste d’amarrage et préavis d’arrivée ».

Rates from April 1st, 2019 to March 31st, 2020

The berthage dues gross registraded ton are as follows : 

Time for loading or unloading

The first period of 12 hours or part thereof $0.0785/g.t.
The second period of 12 hours or part thereof $0.0785/g.t.
Each subsequent period of 12 hours or part thereof $0.0337/g.t.
minimum invoice:  $ 500.00 

 Harbor dues

Vessels that enters ther harbor  
- for each entry per gross registred ton on the registation certificate $0.080/GRT

 Security fees applicable to vessels and/or owners of goods

Every hour the ship is docked $37.00/hour
Each hour or freight transportation outside port regular working hours $37.00/hour

minimum invoice: $ 148.00   

Fees applicable to merchandize

Liquid products

Linear alkylbenze $2.16/m.t.
Vegetable oil $2.16/m.t.
Bitumen $2.16/m.t.
Paraffin $0.72/m.t.
Caustic soda $2.16/m.t.
Other liquid products  $2.16/m.t.

Solid products

Steel $1.71/m.t.
Alumina: $1.19/m.t.
Bauxite $0.62/m.t.
Cement $1.19/m.t.
Coal $0.62/m.t.
Coke  $0.62/m.t.
Dry fertilizers $1.19/m.t.
Explosives $11.44/m.t.
Grain and grain sub-products $0.71/m.t.
Gravel and rocks $0.62/m.t.
Iron-ore and concentrate $1.68/m.t.
Quartz $0.62/m.t.
Silicone slag  $0.62/m.t.
Salt $1.19/m.t.
Any goods in big bags $1.64/m.t.

minimum invoice: $ 500.00  

Other solid products the highest of : 

Weight $2.77/m.t.
Volume $2.21/m3

Storage fees for commodities in the transit area

The storage fees for commodities that remain on the property of the SPIPB, after expiration of the free storage period are as follows :

Each of the first four (4) days or part thereof, after expiration of the free storage period $1.68/m.t.
Each day or part thereof of subsequent business day $3.32/m.t.

Space rental for vessel loading or unloading

Berth including adjacent transit area stevedoring applicable to all company or, for lack, to all user $0.245/m.t.


Other space rental located in the port area

Paved transit area

Short term $0.40/m2/month
Long term $2.41/m2/year

Unpaved transit area

Short term $0.29/m2/month
Long term $1.72/m2/year

 Other port tariffs

Rate by weighing (no operator) $6.50
Access card (new, lost, stolen, broken, etc.) $35.00/incl.tx
Renewal $15.00/incl.tx