Available Lands

Available lands

The actual availability of lands with heavy bearing capacity for development is over 2,000 hectares. 

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Selling price of the lands

Heavy industry with industrial water $2.50/m2
SME industry bordered by Highway 30 $2.30/m2
SME industry with railway $2.00/m2
SME industry: $1.60/m2
Landfill sites $1.50/m2


Public services costs

For all the areas offering public services $5.20/m2


Land rental rates for non-developed land

Short term $0.15/m2/month
Long term $0,70/m2/year


Land rental rates for developed land

Short term $0.25/m2/month
Long term $1.50/m2/year

Commercial premises to be rented

The SPIPB is working in partnership with the Centre Local de Développement de la MRC de Bécancour (CLD) and suggests looking at their website if you are looking for commercial premises. You will find a very useful search engine for your project. 

For more information or for additional help, contact us: info@spipb.com