Maurice Richard

President and Chief Executive Officer

The PRESIDENT AND CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER manages, directs and oversees all the activities related to the development and management of the Société.


Danielle Hébert, CPA, CA

Director of Finance, Administration and Human Resources

THE DIRECTOR OF FINANCE, ADMINISTRATION AND HUMAN RESOURCES is in charge of the entire accounting and administrative process as well as the management of human resources. 


Open position 

Director of Environment, Port operations and Security

THE DIRECTOR OF ENVIRONMENT, PORT OPERATIONS AND SECURITY is in charge of the environmental matters related to land-use planning, current activities and requests from investors. He oversees port activities alongside safety and security measures for the industrial park.


Daniel Bibeau, Eng.

Director of Projects and Infrastructures

THE DIRECTOR OF PROJECTS AND INFRASTRUCTURES is in charge of land-use planning, construction and maintenance of the infrastructures and facilities, and is responsible for business and economic development inside the industrial park. 


Benjamin Houle

Maintenance Supervisor

THE MAINTENANCE SUPERVISOR is in charge of the land-use, maintenance and infrastructure team. 


François Marchand-Savoie, B.B.A.

Harbor Master

THE HARBOR MASTER is in charge of all the activities related to the port facilities as well as the development and implementation of the safety and security measures for the industrial park. 


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