Sustainable Development

Since 2009, the Quebec Government committed to a renewal of its public services aiming towards a development respectful of future generations on economic, social and environmental aspects.

The SPIPB exhibits a huge potential for the application of sustainable development principles. In addition to being a very important regional economic generator, it has perfectly integrated with the community and has always carried out its activities with a constant environmental awareness.

This is why the SPIPB has chosen to equip itself with all the tools needed to aim towards an ambitious plan of sustainable development. Here are some important challenges the SPIPB intends to carry out for the future:

  • consolidate the support of the community for projects by constantly consulting with stakeholders
  • establish a sustainable land management promoting biodiversity
  • carry on with a responsible management of environment quality to ensure the population’s health and safety.

It is by taking into account these challenges that the SPIPB has equipped itself with an ambitious sustainable development action plan for 2015 to 2020 and will include a rigorous accountability statement in its future annual reports.